Fabrizio von Arx creates the Casa Stradivari Foundation in Cremona

To save Casa Stradivari, the workshop of the greatest violin maker of all time Antonio Stradivari (1648-1737), Fabrizio von Arx is launching the Casa Stradivari Foundation. The Foundation's stated aim is to renovate the last house and workshop where Stradivari lived and worked, and to turn this icon of violin history into a cultural centre.

Saving Casa Stradivari, an ambition undertaken during a tour

Renovating Casa Stradivari to make it a living place of musical creation is the result of a journey undertaken by Fabrizio von Arx, a Swiss soloist of Neapolitan origin. To celebrate the tercentenary of his Stradivarius "The Angel", ex-Madrileno, this virtuoso wanted to return to the origins of this exceptional instrument. In September 2020, he travelled by car from Geneva to Cremona, the violin capital of the world located in Lombardy.

The purpose of the trip was to share the history of his Stradivarius with the public and to perform concerts with other artists throughout the Swiss and Italian Alps. Once there, Fabrizio von Arx played his Stradivarius not only in the auditorium of the Museo del Violino but also in the Casa Stradivari, where the violin was made by Stradivari 300 years ago. This journey has resulted in a TV documentary "For the next 300 years", which was premiered on 4 February 2022 at the Museo del Violino in Cremona.

A major renovation is planned to make this "house" a sublime cultural space

Following this escapade, Fabrizio von Arx wanted to create a foundation to save Casa Stradivari together with the two other founding members: Antonio Gambardella and Stefania Soldi. Their ambition is to completely renovate the three-storey house, which has been abandoned for several years, by November 2022.

After the works, the inhabitants of Cremona and tourists will discover a completely sublimated place that they can explore as they wish. The building will include an exhibition area, a library, a music room, a conference room and a classical music viewing and listening area. In addition to the living room and kitchen, the terrace on the third floor will allow visitors to gather in a convivial space where Stradivari used to dry his violins.

Conveying the passion for classical music on a national and international scale

"It is a great emotion to revive Casa Stradivari, but also a great responsibility. This house will be rich in ideas and inspiration for young musicians," says Fabrizio von Arx, artistic director of the foundation. The aim is to pass on Antonio Stradivari's artistic approach and poetic thinking to both the informed and the uninitiated. Masterclasses will be held for students between the ages of 13 and 16.

Casa Stradivari will also reach out to its international audience. To this end, this "house" will travel outside Cremona to present numerous projects under the CS brand: organisation of conferences, presentation of documentary films, dissemination of classical music, especially through the violin. The aim is to export Antonio Stradivari's musical vision and to offer the public a completely new cultural experience.

About Stradivarius Art & Sound

Stradivarius Art & Sound was founded in 2017 by Olivier Plan, a leading entrepreneur from Geneva and Fabrizio von Arx, a violin virtuoso. The company acquired an exceptional violin, a 1720 Stradivarius renamed "The Angel" ex-Madrileno. Its objective is to make classical music accessible to the general public, while at the same time offering an international cultural influence to Geneva. Stradivarius Art & Sound is part of the Immosynergies Holding group.